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The Jamahook
Sound Assistant

Instantly find the perfect musical elements for the song you are working on.
From your personal local audio library or from the Jamahook cloud of royalty-free loops.

Jamahook Plugin UI with Circular Background


Jamahook Cloud Loops

Get inspirations from the ever-growing Jamahook Online Loop Database with hundreds of thousands of samples, loops, vocals, instrumentals and beats right at your fingertips.

Whether you want to shortlist melodic loops for your tracks or you are simply looking for inspiration, our cloud library makes it easier to find new musical elements to compose, produce, and remix a song.

Instantly find sounds that complement your music project without leaving your DAW. Buy loops with one click and legally own them for commercial use. Choose how many loops you want to download every month. All the loops that you download are royalty-free.

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Affordable Cloud Loops


Finding inspiration has never
more intuitive.

Pitch Shifted Matching

The new algorithm incorporates matches from other keys which will be automatically transposed to suit your project.

Harmonic & Melodic Matching

Shortlist loops that are harmonically compatible with your project. Audition them and drag them out into your project.

Rhythmic & Drum Matching

Search for loops with a similar groove. Quickly shortlist supporting percussion, drums, or even harmonic content.

Advanced Match Filter

Further narrow your search by Match Source (Cloud/Local), instrument, mood or genre. Use different combinations for unique results.


How does our technology work?


The Jamahook plugin analyzes the current music project in terms of instrument, tempo, harmony, mood, key or genre.


 The Sound Assistant then recommends a selection of loops which are automatically extracted from given source that harmonises perfectly with the given music production.


The music producer can then select which characteristics the loops should match, resulting in a selection that can be immediately integrated at the appropriate tempo without leaving the DAW.

Jamahook Sound Assistnat plugin UI