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You have to be a registered user if you want to purchase tunes from the Jamahook marketplace. The registered users can add the tunes of their choice to the cart and pay with paypal to purchase.

Jamahook is a music matching service and a social collaboration platform for musicians and music enthusiasts. The core idea of Jamahook is to pave way for a collaborative marketplace where music enthusiasts, musicians, producers and other players in the music industry can upload their tunes and find suitable matches that can allow one to complete their unfinished compositions.

Finding a match for your tune in Jamahook is as easy as it gets. Upload your tune and our music matching service will search the vast library of Jamahook to find the best matches that will complement your tune and the Jamplayer will let you compare the found results with the reference track.

The Jamplayer is a music player with multi-track support to help users compare the matches with the reference track and facilitate the mix-and-match for finding the right track.

Only tunes stored in the user’s My Tunes section can be uploaded to the News Feed.

Yes, the registered users get extra benefits compared to the unregistered ones such as:

  1. Access to the Jamahook Now, our social collaboration platform for the users to interact with each other, post content and browse their News Feed. ii. Access to the
  2. Access to the Jamahook marketplace for buying and selling tunes. iii. 200MB of storage space for uploaded tunes. iv. Ability to add two tunes at a time to the the
  3. 200MB of storage space for uploaded tunes. iv. Ability to add two tunes at a time to the the Jamplayer in addition to the reference track compared to one track for the unregistered users.

The supported file formats are mp3, ogg, flac, wav or aiff.

The purchased tunes can be accessed from the My Tunes section.