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JAMAHOOK closes Pre A Round for its cutting-edge music technology

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Jam Blogger

by Jam Blogger | Last update : March 06, 2019

Jamahook has successfully closed its Pre A Round, after two initial seed rounds in the last 3 years. The round was led by an undisclosed investor from the creative sector.

Established in 2015, Jamahook has created a unique algorithm to match sounds instantly – without the needs for texts or tags by analyzing the sound itself. The sound matching technology enables music producers, musicians and whoever likes, to work with loops, beats and tracks more efficiently. Easy finding and matching loops gives a complete new experience in music production: we take music production from manually-tagged library functionality to a fully automated search and match engine.

This innovation, developed together with technology partner Fraunhofer IDMT (Institute for Digital Media Technology), will put Jamahook at the forefront of “democratizing music creation”.

Jamahook gets the best out of all music content created and connects people simply through sound. Our intelligent technology has the potential to crawl the web, just like “google” does with text, but with audio. We have the technology to search, match, annotate and classify sound with perfect accuracy and allow music creators to collaborate in innovative new ways.”

Dr. Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Chairman of the Board and Managing Partner
of seed investor Loglay AG

“It is always fun to create new technology. It is even better so see companies using our technology to build great products. I am very pleased to see Jamahook helping people to enable their creative spirits with this combination.”

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, Managing Director Fraunhofer IDMT and inventor of the MP3

“How much time have we lost while looking for the perfect loop? With Jamahook and a simple click the result comes intuitively and instantly and you will never be lost in endless searches in music libraries, which means more creativity, productivity and fun. I’m really excited to see our annotation and recommendation technology working perfectly together with the Jamahook framework.”

Steffen Holly, Head of Business Unit M2D (Media Management & Delivery) Fraunhofer IDMT

The new investment allows Jamahook to, first, foster the “intelligence” and make its machine-learning based technology even more powerful and efficient. Moreover it gives Jamahook the opportunity to hire AI and algorithm talents and extend Jamahook’s team of experts in music software development. Additionally, the technological links to existing partners will be further improved to enable a seamless sound-matching experience, premium-quality audio fingerprinting tools and more music technology innovations.

Karim Bhorania, CEO, co-founder and visionary of Jamahook

Images by Jamahook Corp., Fraunhofer IDMT, Loglay Corp. & David Linson II
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