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Jamahook helps you to increase your loop and sound sales by creating an extraordinary search experience based on sound match recommendations and increases your ROI on every sale you make.

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Selling content on the internet

Making money with paid content on the internet is not easy. You face a lot of competitors, prices are under pressure and you always have the impending competition from content that is freely available on the net.

The music industry was one of the most negatively affected industries with the rise of the internet and the readily available content on it. After a period of steep decline we have seen a change in the last couple of years: music sales are finally increasing again.

What was necessary for this to happen?


The obvious answer to this is: "Streaming is saving the music industry". But the answer is not as easy as that. It is not the streaming per se that has achieved this. It is the experience that the streaming services have built around their content offering that adds so much added value that users will pay for it. Even if there are free alternatives.

Upgrading your experience to drive sales

Jamahook can significantly improve the user experience for customers buying loops and sounds for their music production. And by doing so, we can increase your sales figures and the return on investment on your content assets.

The result can be a significant improvement on your sales figures and the price achieved per loop sold.

All figures in EUR
Traditional loop shopJamahook loop shop
Price for loop bundle40.00only single loops sold
Number of loops in bundle440only single loops sold
Price per loop0.090.99

You might now say:

"But we could also sell single loops!"

There is a catch though to selling single loops. It is difficult to find relevant ones for customers and this is why bundling was an effective way to make them more easily explorable. The downside to this is that purchase decisions by customers are also made on the total transaction price and it is impossible to bundles at price levels that correspond to the total value of the single loops in the bundle. So this strategy comes with a signifcant discount on the individual price of a loop.

Jamahook however makes single loops easily explorable for your customers. It is a state of the art technology to sell loops, and also helps in lowering purchase transaction thresholds with a higher probability of closing a sale and thus the price level on a per loop basis can be increased signifcantly

Jamahook helps you to deliver added value to your customers.

How does Jamahook work?

Analyze Audio

Jamahook analyses audio data.

Extract Metadata

We understand the data and create fingerprints of every sound.

Compare Sounds

Based on the dimensions beats per minute, harmony, rhythm and timbre, we compare sounds.

Create Suggestions

We suggest sounds that will sound well with the audio we analyzed.

Jamahook can analyze any audio file with its unique matching algorithm co-developed with the world renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany (inventors of the mp3 format). We create a profile for each sound file in the dimensions of beats per minute, harmony, rhythm and timbre. We understand which instruments are played in a sound file. And we are also able to cluster sounds together that will work together, because they share similar properties in bpm, harmony, rhythm and timbre.

We understand sound.

Please get in touch

If you are interested to learn how we can help you to drive sales for your sound content and increase customer experience and satisfaction for your products, please get in touch with us.

+41 (79) 550 85 58