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AI Sound Matching

We enable music creators to instantly find loops and sounds that fit perfectly into their creations – let your music find what’s best.

The Jamahook algorithm analyzes dozens of acoustic properties of musical building blocks, the so-called loops or beats, and creates a separate data set for each of these individual elements.

By using artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, connect all this data in a database with regard to rhythm and harmony. This information is then used to suggest new possible, suitable music components in real time for each musical segment - effectively creating a huge music recommendation machine. However, it does not automatically create playlists of songs, but lists of beats and loops that optimally complement the selected music source.


How does our technology work.


The Jamahook plugin first analyzes a sample of the current music production in terms of instrument, tempo, harmony, mood, key or genre.


The plugin then recommends a selection of loops automatically extracted from the Jamahook database that harmonizes well with the given music production.


The user can select which characteristics the loops should match, resulting in a selection that can be immediately integrated into the current production at the appropriate tempo.


Pitch Shifted Matching

After analyzing an example track the software recommends a collection of loops from the Jamahook database and can even shift the loops into the pitch that matches the example. This provides tremendous flexibility enabling access to a larger selection of loops and sounds to find the perfect match for a creative work.

The first result of the long-term technology cooperation between Fraunhofer IDMT and Jamahook, the Swiss music technology company, is the plugin for digital audio workstations. Developed by Jamahook, the plugin allows music producers to find the most suitable audio loops for a production, based on examples extracted from an audio mix. The development is based on Fraunhofer IDMT’s SoundsLike AI-based music classification technologies and their deep neural network.

“Our multi-modal approach enables us to match the overall feeling of a production by training our models with granular attributes like rhythms, tempo and instrumentation. Customers can win big in terms of time and efficiency savings. There’s just no time to manually sift through all of that material, so you need smarter tools when you are looking for something specific.”

Hanna Lukashevich
Head of Semantic Music Technologies Group @ Fraunhofer IDMT

See the magic of the Jamahook AI in action.

Test the Jamahook AI matching technology with your favorite track from YouTube or any audio URL of your choice. Simply paste your link, select the start time you want to get matches and let our AI serve you the best music loops from our library.