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The Jamahook VST Plugin

Bringing Sound Matching into your favourite Music Production Environment or Digital Audio Workstation

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A music producer's dream

Introducing the Jamahook VST Plugin, a tool that every music producer has been looking for. The powerful sound matching algorithm of Jamahook understands music. We have created an algorithm that helps you to find matching sounds for your music production by analyzing huge libraries of sounds, loops and beats and finding the ones among them that match your sound the best.

The Jamahook plugin listens to what you are doing: While you produce music our plugin will give you matching loops or sounds that fit your project perfectly well. You can narrow your suggestions to beats per minute, harmony, timbre, and rhythm.

Do you sometimes spend hours on browsing through loop libraries without finding the right thing? The Jamahook VST Plugin takes care of that: Finding the best matches for your sound, directly in your DAW.

How does it work?


Play your song to the Jamahook VST Plugin.


Our plugin listens carefully to your music and analyses it.

Find matches

We find the best matches for you out of thousands of loops and sounds.


The plugin makes the sound matches available directly in your DAW.

Looking for the perfect sound?

A good beat is a like a good dish: Mixing up all the ingredients will create something that is far more than the individual parts. The rise of digital music production has brought you endless possibilities and opportunities for your music. But finding the right ingredients for your dish actually becomes more difficult the more choices you have to your disposal.

Spend your time on creativity and on nothing else

Music producers need to deliver fast and there is nothing worse for your workflow than losing time. Why would you spend hours and hours browsing through sound and loop collections, if you could have an assistant doing that for you? This is where the Jamahook VST Plugin will help you become more creative.

Forget about the boring stuff and focus on your creativity.

How to get the Jamahook VST Plugin

The Jamahook VST Plugin will launch later in 2019 and all Jamahook users will get exclusive preview download access to the software. You can use the Jamahook sound macthing technology already today by creating your free account now. Be sure to be one of the first music producers worldwide to use this brand new technology and claim your free account today.