AI-Powered Sound Matching for Any Platform

Leverage the power of Jamahook’s API to provide your customers with an experience like none other. Deliver the right sounds to them instantly with our matching algorithm embedded within you platform.

Relevance is Key

Having a large library of sounds is great. But showing people what fits their music is better.

Audio Analysis

Our algorithm first studies both acoustic and psycho-acoustic qualities of any sound given to it for precise classification.

Create Metadata

A unique audio signature is then created that contains data such as key, tempo, mood, instrument, etc. among various others.

Rank Matches

Our patented complementary matching algorithm then lists and ranks sounds according to match proximity from a given library.

For more specific results, our comprehensive filtering capabilities will help the users to narrow down on exactly what they are looking for.

AI Music Classification

Jamahook’s foundation lies in our music classification algorithm  co-developed with the world renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, inventors of the mp3 format. 

Our algorithm creates a classification profile (or an “audio signature”) for each sound it analyzes, which contains holistic audio data that our matching algorithm uses to find similar and complementary sounds. It understands music like we do. 

Classification Example

{ “kefir-classification” : { “id” : “classification”, “segment” : { “id” : “1”, “task”: [

{ “annotation” : [ { “confidence” : “0.69459”, “id” : “13”, “name” : “Speech” } ], “id” : “Style” },

{ “annotation” : [ { “confidence” : “0.674124”, “id” : “1”, “name” : “Aggressive” } ], “id” : “Mood” },

{ “annotation” : [ { “confidence” : “0.564285”, “id” : “3”, “name” : “Brass” } ], “id” : “Instrument” },

{ “annotation” : { “id” : “1”, “name” : “BPM”, “value” : “88.9113” }, “id” : “BPM_task” }

] }, “tuid” : “1” } }

A REST-API based implementation makes Jamahook easily integratable with any application to bring a personalized sound searching experience to users anywhere.

Interested in working with us?

We’re always looking for partners to bring more exciting experience for music makers all over the world. If you are interested in pioneering a revolution, give us a shout! 

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