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The Jamahook Sound Assistant

Stop Searching. Start Creating.

Our plugin is designed to become every musicians‘ individual co-producer.

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Pitch Shifted Matching

Harmonic & Melodic Matching

Rhythmic & Drum Matching

Instrument & Genre Filter

The Jamahook Sound Assistant is a music production tool that makes it easier to compose, produce and remix music. We have developed the word’s first and only AI sound-matching technology that finds loops and beats which perfectly fit into the song you are working on.

It recommends rhythmically and harmonically suitable music components for each musical segment from which you can choose from by listening to the audio mix of your music project in your DAW. You can audition the selections and drag out your favorites to include them in your creations, or further narrow down the search by filtering instruments, moods, genres, or loops with similar grooves.

For every music producer, this tool is a massive time saver to streamline the music production process and an incredible source of creative inspiration.

The Jamahook Sound Assistant plugin is completely free to download and compatible with any audio software with any VST or AU interface.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to set up the Jamahook plugin with your digital audio workstation (DAW). 

Whether you want to use AI to shortlist melodic loops for your tracks or you are simply looking for inspiration, our plugin makes it easier to compose, produce, and remix.

Let it listen

Feed the plugin with your audio from the master output.​

Let it Match

Let the algorithm analyze your music to find the best matches.

Jam away!

Audition the matches and drag out your favorites.

Here is a quick tutorial to get you started.

Download the Jamahook Sound Assistant Now