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AI Sound Matching

Stop spending hours looking for the perfect sound. Supercharge your creative process with the world’s first sound-matching VST/AU plugin.

    Find the Perfect Sound

    Sound matching AI, right in your DAW. Jamahook analyzes your current DAW project and suggests new samples that complement your track. Find the perfect loop in a matter of seconds, and drag it right out into your DAW project at the right tempo.

    "Jamahook is the first choice for me whenever I have a writer's block or need to find the best suitable sounds for my projects."
    Producer, Germany


    The Sound Matcher

    Now you can test out our AI matching on your browser against your favorite track from Youtube or any audio URL of your choice.

    Simply paste your Youtube or audio file link, select the region you want us to listen to, and let our AI serve you the best matches from our library.

    How It Works

    Let it Listen

    Add the plugin to the master or any channel of your choice. Open it up, hit match, and let it listen to your playback. Wait for the magic.

    Let it Match

    The AI will then start to analyze the acoustic and psychoacoustic qualities of your sound. Once done, a ranked list of matches will be shown to you.

    Jam Away!

    Play different sounds to audition them in tempo with your track, and drag your favorite into into your DAW project.

    Play Video

    Ready to experience the true power of Sound Matching? Try it now for Mac or PC.

    Our AI
    Understands Your Music





    F# Minor




    90 BPM


    Stop Searching, Start Finding.

    Jamahook helps you find inspiration without losing time, streamlining your creative flow and letting you finish tracks faster.



      Our AI and VST Plugin is completely free. You only pay for the loops you like.



      Per Month


      Monthly Points

      For those looking to experience AI matching for the first time.



      Per Month


      Monthly Points

      For the serious music makers looking for instant inspiration and the best beats.



      Per Month


      Monthly Points

      For the production veterans looking to supercharge their creative process.

      *Annual Studio plan users will receive 160 points each month for 12 months.
      Points can only be spent during active subscription.
      The average price for a single loop 2 points.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Jamahook provides a range of monthly plans, each giving you a different number of points per month. The plugin and matching experience is free – you just pay for the loops you use. The average price for a single loop 2 points.

      Jamahook’s VST plugin and matching experience is completely free. However, you do need to buy a subscription in order to download full-quality sounds from our catalogue.

      Jamahook uses a unique algorithm created by the Fraunhofer Institute to understand the content of whatever it hears – the tempo, harmonic makeup, groove, rhythm, feeling, mood, genre, instrument, and more are analyzed. These qualities are used to match a set of loops that will fit with your track and expand your range of musical ideas.

      You can visit our support forum at or leave us a message via the Support form on our website or send us an email at

      Any sound that you use to match using Jamahook is deleted once the user session is over.

      We will be onboarding more Loop Partners in the coming months. If you are interested in selling your loops through Jamahook, please leave us an email at

      Jamahook accepts card payments through Stripe.

      You can cancel your subscription anytime you want from our portal, or choose not to continue once your subscription period is over. In this case, you can continue using the Jamhook plugin, but you will not be able to spend any remaining points that you have on your account until you renew.

      Stay Updated

      We’re always evolving our tech and coming up with awesome deals. Stay in-the-know.

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      We're changing the game

      Hear about our technology from industry specialists and VST experience from our alpha testers.

      It is fascinating how the democratization of music making is further developing. I am proud to see that Jamahook's powerful A.I., built together with Fraunhofer, is at the cutting edge of this process and I am excited about the release of the world's first Sound Matching VST Plugin.
      Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Karlheinz Brandenburg
      Inventor of MP3, Fraunhofer Institute IDMT
      As an MC, Jamahook is the best tool for me to find the perfect beat to my rhymes.
      Rapper/MC, Switzerland
      I'm excited about where this takes music producers in the next few years. The simplicity of this tool really makes it easy for anyone to make it a part of their creative workflow.
      Dave Elton
      Audio Software Specialist, UrsaDSP
      This is what i’ve been waiting for – now i can produce music that goes well with my voice in just a few minutes.
      Kaybe Jones
      Producer, Hook A Land Studios