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The Jamahook
Offline Agent


The perfect tool for music producers who have collected many loops, instrumentals, stems, samples, beats or other audio content throughout the years.

Stop spending countless hours searching for music that you saved on your computer or hard drives. Get the first and only plugin that puts the power of AI into the hands of music producers by connecting personal, locally-stored music libraries with the Jamahook AI sound-matching technology.

Jamahook Sound Assistant Agent and Plugin matching with a local sound

Let the Jamahook Sound Assistant search and categorise your personal audio content, find long-forgotten stems, beats, samples, loops and other musical treasures in seconds and get instant recommendations from only your own material of sounds which perfectly fit to the song your are currently working on without leaving your DAW.

Streamline your creative process and create unique tracks with content no-one else has.

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Personal Offline Agent Now!

Make the most our your musical genius. Find forgotten musical treasures and create unique songs with content nobody else has.



50% OFF
until December 31st


Add up to 10.000 musical elements from your library.



50% OFF
Until December 31st


Add your entire collection of musical elements.

The Jamahook Offline Agent is the first and only tool that functions as a Sound Assistant for music producers, connecting your personal music library on your hard drive with the plugin. Let our AI categorize and structure all the musical elements.

Find long-forgotten samples, beats, loops, or other audio content that perfectly fits to the song you are working on.

Jamahook Sound Assistant Agent and Plugin with ambient lighting background

Pitch Shifted Matching

Harmonic & Melodic Matching

Rhythmic & Drum Matching

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